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Each month we ask one of our members a list of questions about their business and put them in the Spotlight. In this month's Spotlight feature we talk to John Dennis from JD Photography Studio

1. When did you start your business?

We started as a Limited company on the 28th October 2004.

2. What led you to start a business/how did it all begin?

As an enthusiastic amateur back in the day, I joined a Photographic Society and met many like-minded people. As a group we would meet to go on field trips and enter club competitions to show our work.

After a while I realised that I enjoyed people and portraiture and so concentrated more on this medium.

After gaining experience and the confidence I began being asked to photograph local weddings, not forgetting that this was all in the day of film and digital cameras were not available, so you had to get it right first time.

3. What do you like about Thirsk?

Thirsk is very friendly with a great community, also has good access to surrounding areas and easy to travel for work in other towns and cities.

4. What is your most popular product/service?

We seem to be selling more framed images at the moment and although digital is now the way forward it is still important to print images and display them otherwise, they are locked in the vaults of a computer never to be seen.

5. What other local business do you support?

We are always happy to use local suppliers and support local charity events.

6. What is the best part of your job?

Its not a job really its just a lot of fun, I enjoy taking family pictures as much as the Families I am photographing and getting them to do daft things to get an image that’s a little different.

7. What is the best piece of advice you would offer a new business in Thirsk?

Get involved with local groups and just be yourself, its not easy to be in business as many will know but stick at it believe in what you do.

8. Fun/amazing fact about your business people might not know?

Oh, now you’re asking, I have photographed a few celebrities over the years which I find amazing, Occasionally we get newborn babies weeing on dad in a photoshoot and that’s always good for a laugh.

9. Favorite book/famous person that inspires you?

I am not a big book reader but inspiration in the past came from people like Carter Bresson and Frank Sutcliffe, recently I have been watching work from Annie Liebovitch but watching trends on Pinterest can give you lots of inspiration.

10. What does the future look like for your business?

More recently we have taken on more commercial work and look to expanding that area, Products for web and headshots for company directors’ events etc.

You can never be sure in business, but I would like to think we can continue for some time yet as I know I will never tire of photography.

Thank you John. If you would like to featured your business in our SPOTLIGHT ON feature, please email