Thirsk Coworking Dates 2020 - Q1 Jan - Mar 20



Event Date

Free local coworking sessions open to all at Rural Arts and Thirsk Library.

Thirsk Coworking is a popular FREE informal coworking event for freelancers, small business owners, homeworkers and those who are otherwise self-employed. Those attending are free to bring their laptops and paperwork etc and enjoy working alongside others, collaborating, chatting and so on. Sessions such as these are great for accountability (getting that piece of work done that you procrastinate over at home/the office), sharing experiences, offering advice and support as appropriate and working alongside like-minded individuals.

The link to book each session can be found on the Coworking Facebook page HERE.


This is NOT a networking meeting. Please do not bring marketing materials to hand out or consider this an opportunity to advertise your business.

Any questions contact Nicki Cawood on 07973670053 or email: